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We do not supply direct to the public through this site, please see our list of stockist for web and High Street retailers who carry our styles, please note not all retailers carry all lines.

Peony and the flower device are registered trademarks and are wholly owned by Weartrade Ltd. The use of the name "Peony" along with any recognisable graphic, device or depiction of the name is not allowed without express permission of Weartrade Ltd.

We are a wholesale accessory business selling to Department stores, Independent retailers and established e-tailers. As a wholesale scarves supplier, we also trade with a number of well known High Street names under their own label. If you are interested in supplies under your own brand and can contract the minimum quantities, please call us on 01442 259 046

The business was established in 2003 and became completely wholesale autumn 2008.
We spend a significant time on product developing and sourcing to ensure that our range exhibits our company values, with most styles and almost all colours unique to us.

Occasionally we work in partnership with external designers where we believe they compliment our own style.

We source mainly from Asia, where the materials and skills for manufacture are available, especially the craft and traditional skills such as hand loom weaving, hand block printing etc.

Our collection is unique and offers outstanding value, achieved by keeping our operating cost as low as possible, so no fancy offices or big cars to load the overheads for us!

We are proud of what we have achieved in the last three years, with over 1,350 accounts supplied across the UK, but still with plenty of growing room. So if you feel under threat from the multiples, take a look at our wholesale scarves, we can help you compete with the multiples on price and design and in many cases help you beat them not just compete.

We are looking to add to our accounts list and where we supply a fixed retail outlet we will (subject to minimum anual or potential spend) not knowingly supply other local stores inside a 5-10 mile area, depending on geography, however we can not control every conceivable distribution channel or dictate to retailers with central buying, neither can we dictate distribution between branches of the same retailer, with out of town delivery addresses and the like, but we do what we can to maintain a "preferred" supply.

We can not offer any exclusivity to retailers without a bricks and mortar location.

If you need more information, please e-mail us at sales@peonyonline.co.uk

Our company number is 4846463

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